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     The gentleman's professionalism during his visit to our house was truly commendable. He explained all details, offered transparent quotes for add-ons, and achieved excellent results!
Cayla S.20/07/2024
     This gentleman gave me excellent service, deep cleaning my dining chairs until they looked new! I'll definitely keep using his services.
Susan R.10/07/2024
     My home cleaning worries are now a thing of the past now that I'm able to call upon the services of Carpet Cleaner Gipsy Hill. They always come around and always do a top job. Even when calling them for a job at a moment's notice, they don't rush through or do a shoddy job. They pay attention to detail and deliver great results.
Kris E19/05/2020
     After bringing in my dogs on a rainy day, I really needed to have my rugs cleaned. They tracked in all kinds of mud and dirt! Thankfully, Carpet Cleaner Gipsy Hill got the job done! The best rug cleaning company, their service and prices can't be beaten!
Kasie Lustig20/09/2019
     Upholstery cleaning is something I had put off for far too long. I'm not a person that likes to bring in help, and if I can find a way to do it myself then I will, but when it came to cleaning the furniture I didn't know where to start. My wife was beginning to complain that the sofa smelt and the nagging was constant, I had to do something! I hired the upholstery cleaners from GipsyHillCarpetCleaners and it was the best thing I could have done. What a great result, and for such a low price, I still can't quite believe it!
Dominic Eyre10/02/2016
     It's important for me that I can be able to hire house cleaners I actually trust. I know that I have high standards, but those companies who I've hired before have always managed to let me down somehow. These days, I'm very happy with Carpet Cleaning Services Gipsy Hill and everything they've done for me. Truly excellent results and a price I'm more than happy to pay. They have everything I need and I couldn't praise them more.
Lois Milner05/11/2015
     GipsyHillCarpetCleaners is the best company for carpet cleaning that I've ever tried! I have really pale carpets, and having a dog means that they're always picking up dirt and grime. I hired a cleaner from this company to help me tackle the problem, and she worked exceptionally hard to get rid of even the most deeply-seated dirt. Hiring this company was much cheaper than installing new carpets, and the results were flawless - would recommend!
Samantha H.29/01/2015
     If you're looking for a cleaning company that knows its way around a kitchen then you really won't regret getting in touch with GipsyHillCarpetCleaners. After having renovation work done to my kitchen I was desperate for some help with getting rid of all that dust that had settled in literally every room once the builders had gone home. The cleaners from this firm did an absolutely stellar job and I'd recommend you any day to anyone!
     I had some renovations done on my office and although the fitters done a good job, they left a big mess. I researched some office cleaning specialists in the hope that I could get the office cleaned and back to normal so I could get back to work. I found GipsyHillCarpetCleaners who I then contacted for an estimate. They assured me that they could get the job completed in half a day and with that I was presented with the price. I was satisfied and actually surprised with how little they were asking for what looked to me as being a big job. They got to work and asked me to inspect when they had finished. I was truly grateful with what they did.
Heather Taylor24/07/2014
     I was struggling to make a dent on all of the cleaning which was piling up in the home after getting a new job. I was finding that I was spending far more time at work and I was not able to do all of the duties which were needed in order to make sure that my home was as clean as possible. So to try and get around this, a friend of mine suggested that I give GipsyHillCarpetCleaners a call. After a few visits from their staff, my home has never looked better. A huge help to me.
Todd Robinson04/06/2014
     After my wife and I had our first child the cleaning of our house got a bit out of hand. With work obligations and the struggles of being a parent, it quickly became apparent that we'd need help with our house cleaning. I contacted GipsyHillCarpetCleaners as I'd heard a lot of good things about them, and I think it was an excellent decision for both my family and my home. The cleaner completes everything to a professional and high standard, and everything is left looking spotlessly clean when she leaves. This is a great company and very affordable for the quality of clean, too!
Eddie P.17/04/2014
     I love my corner sofa, which is why I was a little sad when I realised how dirty it was. There were stains that came from denim jeans, food, spilt drinks and I really did not want to buy a new sofa since this one was so comfortable. I hired GipsyHillCarpetCleaners to come and clean the upholstery on my sofa and they did a fantastic job. All stains were removed and the sofa looked and felt great. The shampoo left a lovely aroma in the room which was also an added bonus. I am very happy that I can go back to enjoying my sofa.
Paris I.27/03/2014